Music discovery: Alsou

I recently found a nice music video by a beautiful Russian singer named Alsou.

Youtube has been great for showing a whole sea of Russian-language music groups, across all genres, and providing free channels for people to find and enjoy their songs. The Russian music “scene” is kind of in the same place that the West was back in the 80’s, where making a song and a video to go along with it is a great means of promoting musicians and musical groups. The biggest differences now are much better cinematographic technology and a huge wide-open distribution system over the Internet, to make them available to potential and current fans.

I was doing a “random walk” through Youtube and happened across a link to this music video. Alsou is incredibly beautiful, the video is almost movie-quality, and she has a fantastic voice. The video’s “theme” is basically Alsou wandering Moscow, and creating couples by randomly causing accidents that throw two people together in various situations. It helps that she’s singing a love song as well, of course! (I’d supply the lyrics, if I could find them, but I’m not sure it would help if you can’t read Russian!) At any rate, this video is really fun, she’s beautiful, and the music is nice, so enough talk!


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