Some good people need some help…

I’m a big fan of web comics, and one of the best I’ve read is “Errant Story” by Michael Poe. He and his wife have been doing this for ten years, he does the art and she handles the business, but they’ve been having a pretty terrible time this past 3 years. Medical emergencies, surgeries, deaths in the family, all piling on each other sometimes simultaneously. Poe’s wife (her nickname is “Impy”) posted a timeline of what they’ve been dealing with.

Amazingly, they’ve been able to keep a sense of humor in the face of their troubles, but they could use some financial help with Poe’s latest hospitalization (acute renal failure from an infection). Instead of asking for donations, which would hurt his chances of getting insurance, his wife asks that people buy things from their online store. A lot of what he created goes beyond “risque” and heads into the “scatalogical” area, but if you don’t mind that, they’re selling his comics in book form, as well as t-shirts and other goods.

I bought a copy of this print, which is a character from “Errant Story.” He’s also selling the original artwork pages (on paper with ink! of all things!) from his comic, but I can’t afford to go $80+ per page, much as I’d like to. If anyone reading this (all two of you!) can help, they could sure use it, and buying their stuff is the best way to help.

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