Nerdtour 2012: Matsushima kaerimashita…

Today was a good day, even though it was long and tiring. I made it back to Matsushima, which was one of my primary goals for this trip. It was a mixed bag in some ways, as it seems Matsushima and the area was affected by the tsunami, and there were major changes in the land configuration (the bay front area, and one of the islands had sunk a meter or two, such that the high tide now washes over into the main plaza), some things that had been there for a long time were lost, like the trees in Zuiganji temple, but most remained, and a few of my personal landmarks were still there, if a bit worse for wear. I’ll post some pictures as I upload them, but for now, it’s 11:30 PM, the day started at 8:30 (actually earlier, but thereby hangs another tale).

Well,here’s one picture, more later:

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