Do Americans want to build the future anymore?

(Saturn 5 liftoff courtesy NASA) I’ve read some excerpts and discussions of Newt Gingrich’s speech about settling the Moon and allowing the colony(s) to become States of the United States. He’s gotten a lot of flack from all sides on that, a disturbing amount coming from the conservative blogosphere. It’s… Continue reading

What do you do when you have an unexpected singing partner?

Josh Williams was performing the Bluegrass song “Mordecai” when a little bird decided to land on his guitar! It’s not clear if the bird actually sang along, it might be he just wanted to get closer so he could hear better, or maybe he had a backstage pass and got… Continue reading


You’ve probably already seen this video, but if not, this is a Russian crow that has figured out how to “snowboard” down a snowy roof using some kind of miniature inner-tube-looking thing! According to an article in Scientific American, “it’s further evidence that corvids (along with some species of parrots… Continue reading

Babies make fun of Daddy’s sneeze

Example #4,215 of “things you should be careful doing or saying around babies.” I have this funny feeling Mommy and Daddy haven’t heard the last of this from their little mimics, especially with Mommy laughing at them… UPDATE: looks like they took down their video, I guess they either got… Continue reading

“Alien cathouse for sci-fi nerds.” Oh, brother…

So, a “brothel owner” (euphemism) in Nevada is going to open a science fiction-themed “alien cathouse” to prey on the nerd market. I guess this means that there are enough nerds out there with enough money to justify the effort, and that being a (desperate) science-fiction fan is at least… Continue reading