AnimeUSA 2011 Last day pics

Pictures from the third and last day of AnimeUSA 2011. Kind of a shame, there has been an anime convention in Crystal City since at least 1997, and this will be the last one for the foreseeable future. I went to my first one, Katsucon 4 I think it was,… Continue reading

AnimeUSA Day 2, More pictures

Oh, look, it’s more pictures! These are from Day 2 of AnimeUSA 2011, taken Saturday the 19th. More pictures than Friday, but then again there were more things and people to take pictures of! Even pictures of people taking pictures! If you see yourself in one of them, please leave… Continue reading

Be prepared to kiss your Internet goodbye…

Our Government is about to take away most of our rights on the Internet, all in the name of preserving the profits of the movie and music industry, two groups that have already made copyright a permanent thing, even though it spits on the memory of the Founders. The idea… Continue reading

Presenting The Oomphalapompatronium!

Now, if this thing doesn’t make you want to go out to the garage and throw together some kind of music-making thingamajig, I don’t know what would! Apparently this guy, Leonard Solomon, makes all kinds of musical instruments out of, well, stuff. He gives performances of his musical and geeky… Continue reading

Well? What would YOU do?

Three years old, and she’s already got the right idea, if monsters come into your room, what would you do? This is very important, because monsters can sneak in when you aren’t looking! Don’t really know what part of them is their “ask”, though… I love her Mom’s reaction, she… Continue reading