Rounding the third turn, heading into the home stretch!

Well, the rain kept me from being able to see a couple of my great-nephew’s games, and residual alien contamin… er, sinus infection symptoms kept me from seeing the other great-nephew’s games, but overall, I had a good time at my brother’s. Got to see all of his kids but not all of his grandkids, we went to see “Finding Nemo”, had a couple of home-cooked meals, and got 4 of 5 rolls of film developed. Also got a little better illness-wise. Sunday afternoon I drove down to my sister’s home, in Manchester Tennessee, where I’m currently using her cable modem (yay!). Had a very relaxing time, finished (hopefully) recuperating. Had more home cooking (yay!).

Now, I’m getting ready to head to my old hometown, Middlesboro Kentucky, where I hope to see a couple of old friends, check out some property I might want to buy around there, and just generally hang out for a day, before starting the last leg of the trip. If all goes well, I’ll post one more LJ entry from the road, and should pull into Alexandria sometime on Friday, giving me a weekend to get ready for work next Monday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “There’s no place like home”

    “There’s no place like home”

    All you need now is a little doggy and some ruby slippers.

    Ok, maybe not ruby – certainly red though.

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