Nerdtour 2012: Asakusa matsuri, pt. 1

5 story pagoda brightly lit at dusk

Okay, so, I’ve been home now for two weeks, but I’ve still got a lot of stories to tell and pictures to show from the trip, so I’m going to still call them “Nerdtour 2012”. Just so you don’t get confused and think I’m still over there (even though I… Continue reading

Nerdtour 2012: End of the line…

rain-soaked pigeon atop a roof

Well, that’s it for the trip, back home in Alexandria, in my newly remodeled apartment. Feeling major post-trip letdown, dealing with a new sore throat and my body telling me it’s 12 hours later than it is, and trying to figure out where to put stuff in my apartment that… Continue reading

Nerdtour 2012: Narita

Friday in Narita dawned cold, foggy, and raining. Perfect for setting the mood for leaving my second-favorite country. I got to do a lot of what I wanted, but not nearly as much as I planned. Catching the Cold From Hell didn’t help matters, as it sucked the energy and… Continue reading

Nerdtour 2012: almost done

So, today is my last day in the apartment in Monzennakacho, I’m going to miss this place. Doesn’t seem likely that I’ll ever be back, unless I win the lottery or something. At any rate, I may sign back on in Narita before I fly out. If not, my next… Continue reading

Nerdtour 2012: Some pictures from Matsushima

The trip is winding down, now, but I’m now trying to squeeze in as much as possible. I probably won’t post anything until I get back to the US, unless it’s a short status entry. So, here are some photos from my Matsushima trip. Enjoy!