Nerdtour 2012: Narita

Friday in Narita dawned cold, foggy, and raining. Perfect for setting the mood for leaving my second-favorite country. I got to do a lot of what I wanted, but not nearly as much as I planned. Catching the Cold From Hell didn’t help matters, as it sucked the energy and life out of me for close to two weeks of the trip. In a way it’s good that there is still a whole lot of Japan left to explore, but bad in that I’m not likely to ever do any more of it. But, at least I got to do as much as I did, and I have memories that can hold me over from here on. And, if I ever do get lucky enough to come back, I know exactly what I want to do.

At any rate, the flight leaves in about 10 hours, so John and I are going to roam around Narita and possibly Chiba, and maybe take some photos if it’s not raining too hard. Next stop: Reagan National and my apartment in Alexandria.

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