Nerdtour 2018-Arrival!

After a mostly uneventful trip with only a couple of travel glitches, I finally arrived in Japan! My plan as always was to stay in a hotel close to Narita Airport on landing day, and use the evening to wander the town and try to sync up my sleep schedule.

It worked pretty well, I met up with my buddy John and we went into Narita proper, but being Sunday evening most places to eat were closed, so we ended up at “The Barge Inn”, a pub-style place that caters to foreigners especially flight crews on layover. Got back and had enough consciousness to post a photo to Facebook and passed into the realm of Morpheus.

It’s now 6 AM Monday morning here, 6 PM Sunday where you are, and I’m headed to breakfast and then taking a train to Tokyo to pick up my apartment keys.

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