Imagine Dragons: “Radioactive” on SNL

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 12.29.54 PMI haven’t watch Saturday Night Live in many years, but recently I found a song called “Radioactive” by a group named “Imagine Dragons”, and stumbling around YouTube I found that they performed the song with a rapper named Kendrick Lamar on SNL just a few days ago. This is a powerful song, and the live rendition they gave on SNL is one of the most energetic of performances I’ve seen of any band. I don’t really like rap, but Lamar’s soliloquy definitely boosted the energy of the rest of the performers, and the audience was fully engaged, as you can tell by the applause at the end.

I’ll have to listen to more of their music, to get a feel for what else they’ve done, and I also want to find the lyrics, but at least this is a good song to get the heart racing and adrenalin pumping.

Addendum: According to an entry in “Songfacts”, the lead singer “struggled most of his life with depression and ADD and anxiety issues. He explained to AbsolutePunk that he penned this song ‘coming out of a pretty serious spell of depression and having a new awakening and a real vigor for life.’ He added: ‘That’s the general thing where that song came from. There’s more specifics to it, but that’s the basic, general idea.'”


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