Veteran’s Day 2013

At the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the guns of war fell silent for a time. The men and women who fought in that “War to End All Wars” hoped and prayed that no one would ever hear the guns of war again.

Sadly, a new generation was called upon to fight in an even larger war, which changed the face of the world, and ended in the terrible, bright light of nuclear fire. “Surely,” the exhausted warriors then prayed, “Surely we can now lay down arms forever, and live in peace with our families, safe at home.”

And again, and again, and yet again, these prayers were not answered, and new generations of men and women gave up safety and peace, gave their blood and sweat and life and limb, so that we could live our lives safe and at peace.

All those who fought in that terrible first World War have now passed, and we are saying farewell to the men and women of the “Greatest Generation” that followed, far too soon. We have lost so many others to other wars since, but yet there remain those who feel the call to defend and protect what peace we have, who do not feel the sacrifice to be in vain.

To the men and women who yet man the ramparts, who have and continue to sacrifice their own safety and peace for us, for the men and women who every hour of their service risk their lives, to these we say “Thank you” and pray the same prayers of all who have fought, “Surely, surely this time…”

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