Nerdtour 2012: Kiyosumi Gardens, Tokyo

Here are some photos I took at the Kiyosumi Gardens, a small municipal park in Tokyo, just about a mile or so from my apartment.

I’m not going to write up much, it was just a nice, peaceful oasis in the middle of the suburban neighborhood. Originally the grounds of a major industrialist, and before that part of a nobleman’s estate, it’s been like this for a few hundred years at least. This day, it kept threatening to rain, and it finally did when I was well away from any shelter except for some of the trees! Fortunately it was a rain, not a storm! I had a waterproof covering for my camera, which gave me some peace of mind and allowed me to take a couple of pictures in the rain, but most of them didn’t come out (the cover kept sliding over the lens, naturally!)

At any rate, here are the best of the photos.


[nggallery id=18]

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  1. Duru says:

    Pacifist,Yes, the map is somewhat cofnisung. For example, the shape of 松島 (Matsushima) is not the shape of Liancourt Rocks. I have not seen the full map, so I cannot say that the mapmaker confused Ulleungdo for the non-existant island of Argonaut, but the map does show Usando as a small neighboring island of Ulleungdo, and it clearly shows Japan’s Matsushima as being a separate island from Usando.

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