Bad Lip Reading: Mitt Romney – Stuff the Ice Chest

This is hilarious, there’s a group of people “lipreading” political and other videos, and re-dubbing them with random silly words that actually fit the lip movements! Here’s one they did from a Mitt Romney campaign video, and one they made into a music video of one of Barack Obama’s videos…. Continue reading

Crowd helps autistic man sing the National Anthem

This is an autistic man who’s been chosen to sing the National Anthem at a ball game in Fenway Park, for “Disability Awareness Day,” but partway through he messes up the lyrics. He’s completely flustered, but the crowd in the stadium comes to his rescue by singing the right words… Continue reading

Hatsune Miku, computer-generated singer (from Japan, of course)

There is a company in Japan that has written a fantastic piece of software that allows even non-musicians to write music and songs for a “virtual singer” to perform.