A Jobs Agenda

No, not the White House one, the Steve Jobs Agenda. This article spells it out better than most of the tributes I’ve seen.

The money quote: “I don’t know what Steve Jobs’s politics were, I don’t much care, and in any case they are beside the point. The late Mr. Jobs stood for something considerably better than politics. He stood for the model of the world that works. “

If anything shows what’s lacking in the US today, it’s the missing attitude of “make it work, and make it work well.” We seem to have been slipping away from that lately, at least from the latter half of that attitude. We used to face problems and solve them, lately we just want someone to make the problems go away. For all Steve Jobs’ shortcomings in dealing with his people, he wanted to make things work, and solve problems people didn’t even realize they had. His like will not come around again, and he will be missed.

RIP Steve.

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