Incredible amateur movie, “Cardboard Warfare 2″…

This is an amazing short film, done by a handful of extremely talented guys.  It’s not quite a parody, the scenes are played straight like in all the WWII movies you’ve seen, but the weapons are all made of cardboard!  It’s jarring at first, but the story grows on you, and the cinematography and action choreography are beautiful, as well as the special effects needed to bring cardboard “weapons” to life!  They even had a military advisor in order to re-create authentic WWII era comms!

This crew has a brilliant future ahead of them, and I’ll bet this is the kind of thing you’ll see more and more of on Youtube and other outlets.

Hats off to you guys at Pwnisher!

Hint: click on the “view full screen” button at the bottom right, you won’t be disappointed! It’s 24 minutes long, so be ready to pause it at intermission! 🙂

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