“Jimmy Carter is the best-case scenario”

I really like reading and watching Stephen “Vodkapundit” Green, he pulls no punches and makes you laugh while he does it.  His latest take on “I Wonâ„¢” and the dawning realization that he’s not enough of a leader to even be another Jimmy Carter: “Jimmy Carter is the best-case Scenario”

The money quote: “Obama isn’t just a failed leader. Unlike Carter, the Smartest Man in the Roomâ„¢ has proven unable or unwilling to learn on the job. Obama can’t recognize mistakes — even though the evidence is as plain as last month’s hideous jobs report. He will continue to demand that reality conform to his theories, no matter what damage he does to this country. He doesn’t doge, he doesn’t weave — he keeps pursuing failure in the face of failure.

Why? I don’t care why. Maybe it’s his ego. Maybe he really believed all those stoned-out-of-his-mind late-night Harvard bull sessions. Maybe he really is trying to drive this country into the ground, for whatever reason. Maybe, Barack Obama is just a dumbass.







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