Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…

So, what is it about cats and hollow things, like boxes and sinks and hamster balls?  I mean, sure it looks like fun, but what about your friends all looking at you like you’re crazy and running away from you, when all you want to do is chill out in your… Continue reading

“Jimmy Carter is the best-case scenario”

I really like reading and watching Stephen “Vodkapundit” Green, he pulls no punches and makes you laugh while he does it.  His latest take on “I Wonâ„¢” and the dawning realization that he’s not enough of a leader to even be another Jimmy Carter: “Jimmy Carter is the best-case Scenario”

Just a little Photoshop experiment on an Otakon 2011 picture…

tilt-shift experimental image

Thought I’d try out my Photoshop “skills” (as if I had any!) to see if I could take a photo from my set of Otakon pics and try to simulate the “tilt-shift” effect.  True tilt-shift involves a fancy $1000 lens, but since I’m not going to have one of those… Continue reading