99 year old grandma, video game pro!

99 year old Umeji Narisawa plays her favorite videogame while her family watches

So cool!  Umeji Narisawa of Sendai, Japan, 99 years young, plays her favorite videogame, “Bomberman”, like she has every day for 26 years!  In Japanese, videogames are called “famicon” (ファミコン), which is Japanese shorthand for “family computer”, because it’s the computer that the rest of the family plays with, as… Continue reading

Obamacare stifles hiring, thanks to the Flatline Administration

The economy isn’t dead, it’s pining! Mark Steyn calls this “the dead parrot” economy, after the Monty Python “Dead Parrot” sketch.  Despite the apologists for the Flatline Administration constantly ranting about how the economy is really and truly out of a recession, (No, this time we really mean it!  Really!)… Continue reading