More “art”…

This is just a quick entry, I finally got off my butt and took photographs of the paintings I did in college, so that at least if something happens to them, I have some record of their existence. I’m kind of proud of them, it looks like I did a better job than I thought I did, which is to say I can still recognize the women, even after so many years! I’m going to seriously look into doing prints from my pictures, and seeing if I can sell them for actual money. After seeing what kind of originals are being sold on eBay, and the prices that they’re getting, I should have no trouble making some good money, maybe even enough to pay my groceries, in case I still can’t get a “job” job after the first of the year.


Now I just have to finish JAPA330 with a C or better, and I can relax over the Christmas holiday.

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