Day 2: Columbia Missouri, mile 973

Well, this part was much more eventful than day 1. I made better distance today, although not as far as I would have liked. After 11 hours, it started to catch up to me, just couldn’t stay awake for the 120 miles to Kansas City. Yeah, I’m a wimp, so what? 🙂 Funniest … Continue reading

On the road at last!

Well, I made it to Columbus Ohio before calling it a night. Made it about 440 miles on day 1. Not bad, but not as far as I would have liked. Ran into rain, rain and more rain, all through Ohio. Worst roads so far: Pennsylvania. Second worst: western Ohio. … Continue reading

I feel like NASA – trip delayed 1 day

Well, talk about underestimating. It took longer to pack up today, and to take care of some last-minute business, so I didn’t make it on the road until 3:30. Plus, thanks to some traffic disruptions due to a bomb hoax, the traffic heading north (the way I wanted to go) had already clogged Interstate … Continue reading

T Minus 9 hours and counting!

Nerd Tour 2003 begins at 10:00 AM EDT Monday morning! Final systems checks were made, the vehicle condition is nominal, final loading will begin at approximately 9:00 AM. Pilot is in varying stages of excitement and anxiety, and is preparing for sleep. Web page was updated with map showing first leg of the … Continue reading

Nerd Tour 2003

What is Nerd Tour 2003? It’s my doofy name for the cross-country road trip I’m taking over the next 4 weeks. Why a road trip? Two reasons: One, it’s kind of the American thing to do, to take to the road, following the sunset; and Two, it’s unAmerican the way … Continue reading